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in • sight

Immersive experiences in the land of complexity

Our immersive journeys offer a unique insight into diverse perspectives in locations with complex conflicts.

By intimate gatherings, nuanced discussions, and honest reflection, we foster mutual understanding.

in • sight

The power or act of seeing into a situation: penetration.

The act or result of apprehending the inner nature of things or of seeing intuitively.

(Merriam Webster's Dictionary)

Old City


Understanding complexity, intimately.

in·sight is a student initiative which brings together Minerva students and alumni – bright individuals from diverse academic backgrounds from around the world – for a week-long journey in areas with complex problems and conflict. The program will be piloted in Israel and the Palestinian Territories in August 2019. This immersive experience is meant both to expose participants to the complexity of the region and to encourage meaningful, candid dialogues and encounters which challenge beliefs, opinions, and biases. 


At In·sight, we hope to strengthen Minerva’s diverse community by the process of discussing the differences respectfully. Using the shared language Minerva students have – the HC’s – in·sight fosters a nuanced and rigorous framework to discuss complexity, ethics, and problem-solving in the specific context of the region.

Our Philosophy


Diverse Perspectives

Meet activists, public figures, journalists, artists and people with different, perhaps extreme opinions. Our experiences are far from the tourist attractions, allowing a deep understanding of a spectrum of opinions.

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Common Language

We foster nuanced conversations based on concepts taken from complex systems theory. Using the language and tools of complexity science, we break down and analyze individual, social and political situations.


Personal Journey

Open your mind to examine your beliefs, biases, and opinions. We challenge you not to judge, but to listen, understand, and perhaps empathize with the unique perspectives of people you will encounter.

in•sight – Israel and the Palestinian Territories

 17-24 August 2019

Why Israel and the Palestinian Territories?

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been affecting all aspects of life for civilians and institutions in the region. The diversity in opinions, held beliefs, and actions taken by different sub-populations offers a unique opportunity to learn about complexity at first hand.
Meeting affected families, journalists, activists, security experts, and public figures, Minerva students would see the relationship between individual factors and the formation of societal agendas.

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